Cape Town the top spot to live…

Cape Town Rocky Outcrop - View Point

Not too shabby a view!

An article published on IOL Property yesterday claims that the finest place to live in South Africa is… Cape Town – something that has been claimed for years by every one of the 3,5 million Capetonians, and balked at by all 3,25 million Joburgers.

Take a look at a snippet of the article:

If status is important to you and money is no object, then the finest possible place to live is Cape Town – Steenberg golf estate, to be precise.

Steenberg, along with beach paradise Clifton, topped the list of South Africa’s best suburbs compiled by property data services provider Lightstone, which took the average predicted value of properties per suburb and were able to provide the top suburbs in the Western Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal as well as a national list.

The results show that Cape Town and the Western Cape have a whopping 10 spots in the top 20 national list.

Gauteng is next with five spots, while KZN features once on the list.

In Gauteng, the best suburbs include Johannesburg’s Westcliff, Dunkeld, Inanda, Atholl and Hyde Park. In KZN it is Zimbali, Everton, Herrwood Park, Umhlanga Rocks and Simbithi.

In the Cape and the Western Cape it is Steenberg, Clifton, Pezula golf estate, Knysna, Llandudno and Bishopscourt.

Original Article here.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of going to Cape Town, take a look at the following gallery of photos to see what all the fuss is about.

Click the first image to enlarge the photo and start the gallery.

Pretty darn awesome, huh?

P.S. Please be advised that Cape Town drivers are excluded from the whole “awesome” bit.

Images 1-10 sourced from, Image of rocky outcrop from LAL Group, 2nd V&A Waterfront Image from National Geographic Traveller

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  • Alexis

    I wonder why is that…
    Hmmm, the only province in SA not run by ANC.. but that’s probably just pure coincidence…

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