Play Energy Drink: Beware the ummm... Surprise Buttsex!

Play Energy Drink – usual tagline: Beware the kick – has clearly come up with a new, superhero-looking-folks-being-violated-through-the-time-honoured-tradition-of-surprise-buttsex advertising campaign. Check it out:

Play Energy Drink - Surprise Buttsex

Play Energy Drink - Surprise Buttsex

Photographed at a Shell Ultra City in the karoo. Yup – that’s Jeremy’s ugly mug in the reflection. Avert your eyes! Unclean! Unclean!

One of the older, and always brilliant, Play Energy Drink “Beware the kick” ads:


And while we’re on the topic, superhero-looking fellas aren’t the only ones getting in on the “Surprise!” action – even Spongebob’s one you gotta watch:

Spongebob - Surprise Buttsex

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